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Thursday Nights @ Dreemz---Fun Music+Cheep Drinks = Good times

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Every Thursday Starting June 9th

Join DJ Mass, Mike Bonnes & Mike Newell as we start a new Thursday night party..

Dj Mass

Mass is one of the most versitile djs in the city, it doesn't matter if he's dropping hip hop, house, rock, disco or whatever else he decides to play, he's sure to do it properly. Stop by and see this mans AMAZING record collection at work. Mass will supply all froms of dance music all night with guest apperances by some of Phillys all stars.

Open Bar 9-11 June 9th

That's right People, we're going to kick this event off with a BANG!

Come as you are..

I'm sure many of you work hard all week and enjoy feeling relaxed when you go out on a weeknight. This doesn't mean show up looking like a rag doll, it does give you the option to wear a NICE pair of sneakers and head out for a drink..


More information TBA on www.Axxessphilly.com [/b

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Please... Dreemz is just another of the myriad lounges/clubs in Old City that act pretentious, overcharge for drinks, and offer almost no room to move around. I give the place 6 months to a year before the doors close.

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