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Gene Farris (Industry Recordings) - Chicago/Amsterdam 12/06 @ Underbar


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Tiger Beer presents:

Full Moon @ Underbar

Tuesday, Dec 6th, 2005

Experience Funk Shui as Tiger Beer imports the steamiest party from Thailand to Boston's Underbar. There will be exotic dancers, masseuses, tropical treats for the eyes, and Tiger tastes.


Gene Farris (Industry Recordings, Defected, Tresor, Jimmy Woo - Chicago/Amsterdam)

Gene Farris is the sinister minister of electronic music’s changing sounds. Farris’ extensive discography of over fifty productions and global DJ track record is definitely a testament to the true sound of Chicago House. For Farris, music is his undoubted passion that inspires his works of the very best deep, bumpin’, funky, soulful House tracks in the industry. With sultry beatn’ blends in the DJ booth, Farris has been known to entrance and twirl crowds into frenzies making him a party favorite around the world.

Chicago born and raised Gene Farris caught the DJ bug at the tender age of twelve. During that year he was given his first DJ set-up that included a pair of turntables that did not have pitch control and a very basic mixer. Thus, Farris learned to mix the hard way. Inspired by the likes of Ron Hardy, Prince, and Roy Ayers Farris began blending a mixture of funk, disco and soul with eighties’ pop icons such as Duran Duran. His love of disco is still apparent in his work. While making tapes for his neighborhood buddies Farris developed spinning skills into the unique fast and funky dexterous style that we now associate with him. Selling his mix tapes to Windy City record stores like Hot Jams and Gramophone his reputation grew. Farris quickly graduated to “beatn’ down†neighborhood block parties. By the age of seventeen Farris gained his childhood dream slot warming up for Ron Hardy and Ron Carrol at the legendary AKA Club. ??

As the early nineties approached, Gene Farris quickly became a major player in the thriving Chicago dance scene, and inevitably began to produce his own tracks. Farris’ first production style was tuff, loopy and tracky House. However, his fresh tuff style caught the eye of close friend, Ron Trent, who recommended Farris take his tunes to a new label that Cajmere just started named Relief Records. When Farris went to Relief he met another young Chicago DJ called Sneak, who had also just made his first demo. The pair both had their tracks signed!

The 'Farris Wheel EP' was Farris’ debut release for Relief in 1994. Farris, alongside fellow musicians like DJ Sneak, Paul Johnston, Derrick Carter, DJ Rush, Spencer Kinsey, Boo Williams and Glen Underground formed the new wave of notorious, globe trotting Chicago producers. ??The ‘Farris Wheel’ EP on Relief Records was the beginning of a prolific production career. Farris’ discography highlights works released on dance music’s most influential labels such as, Defected, Fluential, Soma Records, Siesta, Force Inc., Formaldehyde, 83 West, Communique, Defmix, Doubledown, and Static. ??

Being a leader in the industry, Gene Farris started his own label, `Farris Wheel Recordings, Inc., in 1998 with ‘The Copa Cabana EP.’ Among the label’s many loved EPs is FWR 008 that includes a DJ Sneak remix of Farris’ `The Spirit.' As the catalog grows, Farris Wheel Recordings, Inc. continues to prosper and gain respectability within the industry. Farris takes pride in discovering new talent from Chicago and around the world such as, studio master mind Jason Heinrichs, heavenly vocalist Lady Sarah, and a live jazz band, Lowend. ??

In February of 2001, Gene Farris revealed his latest brainchild, Farris Wheel Limited, which is a spin-off of Farris Wheel Recordings. His concept of Farris Wheel Limited is designed to feature more organic productions. Farris Wheel Limited artists are incorporating LIVE feeds into their melodic soulful beats that are filling DJ bags world wide. ??

When asked about his future in music Gene Farris passionately replies, “House music is my one and only true love. I’ve been with her for over sixteen years and never plan on leaving. She’s my peace... me and the music.†??

As the critics continually applaud his greatening accomplishments, Gene Farris and his Farris Wheel Recordings empire continue to thrive.

Live Set - http://www.switchstance.tv/mwdj/dj_trks/24_1_GENEfarrisLIVEatJIMMYwooAMSTERDAM.mp3

with opening sets by:

KC Hallet (Soul Revival)

Jay P (Cassiamor.com, Rise)

VIP Reception - 8:30 - 10PM

Doors open @ 10PM to the Public

$5 Cover Charge @ the Door.

Free with RSVP to fullmoon@tigerbeerusa.com

Support by: The DIG, Puma, Soul Revival, Future Classic, Cassimour.com, and Global

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I want to Thank everyone that was able to make it out Tuesday night for the Full Moon event. It was good to see so many heads out on school night!

Thanks to KC, Jay P, and Gene for killing it! My legs are still hurting from all the dancing!

I have still not recovered!

Be on the look out for more events in Boston over the next few months!

A Chinese New Year party is on the way.

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