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bermuda triangle...


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theres some new show on the sci-fi channel that talks about the eerie events and dissapearances of several planes, ships, etc. in the bermuda triangle. so i did some research and found this:


but more importantly, you think this type of effect could play a roll in a theory for the show lost??? anyhow even if the two are completely unrelated, its fascinating stuff.

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...i definitely think the triangle is somehow connected to lost...whether real or metaphorical, there is a link...and this author cites human error as one factor in the triangle but i mean come on, how many times can you use that argument before coincidence becomes a true pattern...we do not know a lot about this planet - especially about its energy...i would not doubt that there are some sort of natural electro magnetic fields in that area that effect instrumentation - we just have not figured out how to gauge it properly...

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You might wonder how to protect yourself when crossing the Bermuda Triangle. I have only one solution: take a lighter and every now and than stick it out of your airplane window and ignite. If there is an explosion, go back immediately.


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i think theyve actually proven what goes on and what the reason is for the dissapearances

the coast has recently revised theyre thoughts and statements but i havent heard anything about clearing up the mystery or anything... do you have any links?

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