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Second Sun Spins Avalon Friday!!!


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Some of you guys may not be too familiar with Second Sun so check

this little link out when you get a chance. They will be at Avalon

Friday December 9th. Should prove to be an exciting show....


Montreal, Canada


It?s been quite a long time since an American dance act stepped up to take the world by storm. We?re talking about the type of act that has the complete package: the look, the feel, and most importantly, the sound. Having previously made noise around the world with a series of in-demand singles (played by the biggest DJs in the world) and a fantastic live show, Second Sun was already poised to be the most talked about new act of 2005. With the April 19 release of the energetic and single-laden debut artist album, Inside Out, it?s only a matter of time before this prophecy rings true.

With Inside Out, Second Sun (AKA Antoine and Adam) have created a sound that blurs the line between club music and perfect pop. Diverse influences are showcased throughout the album, as a blend of solid songwriting with cutting edge electronic production comes to the forefront. To start, the sleazy rock influenced title track opens the album with refreshing electro pop. The traditional song structure and catchy hook showcases both Antoine?s singing voice and the act?s ability to go beyond the beats and sound efx. Next, ?Rock the West Side? pays homage to 80?s electro producers with a solid melding of electro breaks and vocoder enhanced vocals. The first of many surprises on the record, ?Pop Musik? is a dancefloor reworking of M?s 1979 hit of the same name. Second Sun?s version is destined to make the track a hit again 25 years later. ?My Bed Is Burning? is a meeting of sexy progressive house and pop that builds to an awesome release, while ?Everything? is a nice, flowing trance instrumental that marks the album?s half way point.

?The Spell? is the first single to come from Inside Out, and it?s easy to tell why. This is absolutely massive in every way. Antoine?s voice once again comes to the forefront, and by the breakdown it will blow the roof off the club! This is 8:11 of magic. ?Playground? is one of the heaviest dance floor tracks on the album. The quick tempo and trippy production makes this one darn near explosive! Following, is a vocal version of ?Crush,? a track co-produced with Paul van Dyk, and ?Love Simulator? a pure instrumental that blows the speakers.

The biggest surprise of all is saved for last. Closing track ?He Said She Said? is a classic duet between Second Sun?s Antoine and pop sensation Tiffany ? yes that Tiffany. It?s been a long time since we?ve heard from the pop princess, but this track proves that she?s moved far away from her ?I Think We?re Alone Now? days. This track is tough, powerful and a sure-fire anthem.

Antoine and Adam first met at the Montreal music store where Adam was employed. They immediately became friends when they realized each other?s unwavering passion for electronic dance music. This passion for dance music combined with deft technical skill (Antoine studied guitar from age 7 and fronted several bands; while Adam had a small studio with samplers, synthesizers, and drum machines at only 10 years old!) led to the formation of Second Sun in 2000. From this point on, things moved at lightning fast speed.

One night in 2000, while the boys were experiencing one of Paul van Dyk?s sets at NYC?s legendary club Twilo, they managed to slip the Uber DJ a copy of their first Second Sun production, ?Empire.? Remarkably, the following week, van Dyk called and asked to license the track to his Vandit label and signed Second Sun to a development deal. The DJ subsequently remixed the track and included it on his first commercially released mix CD Politics Of Dancing. Van Dyk also played a pivotal part in exposing Second Sun?s follow-up single ?Crush.? If you are familiar with Van Dyk?s Grammy nominated artist album Reflections, then you?ll recognize ?Crush? as one of its stand out tracks. ?Crush? was supported by many of the world?s biggest DJs and went all the way up to the #1 spot on the U.K. Dance Charts. The song has been described by Mixmag as a "trance gem" and DJ Hyper?s remix (on the Positiva Records release) was hailed as one of the top 5 best trance and break anthems.

Antoine and Adam realize there?s nothing quite like experiencing live dance music. Yeah, a good DJ set is fun, but it can?t match the intensity and interactivity of a solid live set. And we aren?t talking about the type of live set that consists of two guys just twiddling knobs! We?re talking about a live set that features powerful music, live vocals and instrumentation and above all, charisma. At the center of the live show is Antoine, who brings the idea of ?front man? to dance music. It is though his powerful interactions with the crowd that Second Sun is at its best. You?ve seen nothing like it.

Imagine the Chemical Brothers, Depeche Mode and Paul Van Dyk, wrapped into one. This combination perfectly describes what you?ll get from Second Sun. As we move further into 2005, expect to find Second Sun on the road doing what they do best. There are sure to be many surprises, including the appearance of Tiffany on select dates.

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