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This article is not to match these two up, give a prediction, or even give a pre fight. This is to talk about a much needed match in boxing where thrills have been the last thing we've been seeing lately for the most part in big fights.

Now that Bernard Hopkins and Roy Jones, JR. have decided to go at it for a "Superfight" (hopefully the winner receives a retirement plan), what this sport really needs is two prime athletes that really have something to lose or gain, not just their pride.

In their last fight leading up to the rematch, both Pacquiao and Morales looked less than impressive. I'm sure this time they both have something to prove.

This fight is almost guaranteed to be exciting whether you want to see it or not. These Gatti-Esque fighters of today just want to fight and put on a great show. They're not worried about who's watching or what the prize is. They just want to fight.

I guess I've just been a little flustered as of late because of what I've been seeing, but it seems after watching two pay-per-views with Hopkins and Taylor, I find myself reaching for the remote control hoping I can catch the rest of Sanford and Son on TV Land.

But in all seriousness, this fight is really important. Title or no title. Elimination match or no elimination. This fight should be exciting. We didn't care if Gatti and Ward had a title right? But then again we didn't have to pay for that either.

Of course no one wants to have to pay for it, but I guess nothing is free these days right. So let's hope we can get an exciting action packed prize fight on the 21st. And let's hope some more great fights stem from it. Then again, if this fight turns out to be a snooze fest, just forget you ever read this.

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