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the Return of Bump! w/ Pete Moss, Matt Bandy, Soundsyster...


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-- Sunday, January 7, 2006 --

bump finally returns with...


(ultrasound, fusion afterhours) CANADA

opening set by:

the Bald & the Beautiful

(Odori, Dirtybird, Utensil) Boston

After two week vaca (much needed) for the Holiday, we are coming back atcha with some new guests and old friends to shake your hips and pollute your liver. First we got our favorite Canadian import ready to kick off the new year with some tweaky, freaky house and tech. Tabatha likes to push the boundaries of her style with quirky innovative future inspired hybrid sounds and rhythms, while maintaining the fundamental elements that have gained the attention of critical ears searching for more than just your average deep and techy beats. Joining Tab will be the illustrious B&B (Taner Ross and Matt Dimond, respectively). If you don't know, you should because they are making some of the best music in Boston! So we'll see you Sunday...


Tabatha's musical philosophy spawns from an early exposure ('91) to the underworld of techno and electronic forms by her uncle who initially helped her discover the existence of vinyl, bootlegged mixTapes, and la music mecca 'Montreal'. In '93 barely a teenager, she basked in the moments of first hearing a dj...and naturally began exploiting and forcin' every techno-virgin soul to check it out. First piece of techno wax was a lovely shade of pink and ordered from moonshine in 1996, than a couple years later started Fri & Sat night residency at the G-Spot in Fredericton, notorious for it's history and rep...that was the beginning.

Soundsyster is now a member of the Aqua Entertainment crew, founder of Ultrasound Productions, and affiliation of Dowhatchagotta (Toronto), and Evolvetribe and movethemasses. She's been makin the beats bump in metros such as Winnipeg, Toronto, Quebec City, Boston, New England, St.Johns, Halifax, and holdin' it down in her own province New Brunswick with the Ultrasound crew and their promotions with Afterdark Afterhours.




SOUNDSYSTER (ultrasound productions, phoenix lounge) Canada

THE BALD & BEATIFUL (odori, dirty bird, utensil) Boston


MATT BANDY of DEEP HOUSE SOLDIER (limestone, nightshift, drop) Denver

ROLLAND ESS (marz, bump)


CRAIG MITCHELL (slanted black, cult, rise) Boston

RYAN OBERMILLER (red door, marz, bump)


PETE MOSS (recline, ovum, seasons, large) Philadelphia

RANDY DESHAIES (marz, bump)

more to come...

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