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MATT BANDY of DEEP HOUSE SOLDIERS (Denver) @ bump this Sun!


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-- Sunday, January 14, 2006 --

MLK Day weekend... bump open til 2AM


(limestone, nightshift, drop) Denver

opening set by:


(marz, bump)

Great to be back after the much need holiday break. Props to both Soundsyster and the Bald & the Busted (copyright Ryan Obermiller 2007) for layin it down. Fun Stella/Jager-filled beats! This weekend, the long overdue re-schedule of

Matt Bandy

Playing music with concept and soul, Matthew Bandy's decade-long communion with house music has brought him to international acclaim. Remaining true to his musicality, Bandy has interwoven passion, emotional sensibility and rapport through his creative ambitions in promotions, producing, DJing and operating a record label.

In the early 90's, Bandy was introduced to house music through the Midwest rave scene. Living in Kentucky, far from a major metropolitan area for house music, Bandy has been able to refrain from cultural biases, and pull the best from Chicago, Detroit and New York flavored grooves. By the time the late 90's came about, Bandy was throwing his own events under the production guise of AlienSquad and intel lifeforms. Having brought DJs such as Halo, Kevin Yost, Johnny Fiasco, Terrance Parker, Traxx and Charles Feelgood, Bandy simultaneously hosted Kentucky's first and only electronic music radio show "Through The Vibe" on 88.1 FM and toured every major city in America.

In 2000 Bandy began to delve more into the art of producing to further his creative vision. In doing so he created the production duo and live act, Deep House Souldiers, with partner Joel Jackson, their first release came out in 2003 on San Francisco label, Lo Rise Recordings. In that same year, Bandy moved to Denver to take his newly formed record label, Limestone Recordings, and aspiring production to grow as an artist.

The Deep House Souldier's went on too release, "This is Why We Dance," on Matthews own Limestone Recordings which was licensed to Ben Watt's "Buzzin' Fly" mix CD. Later that year Limestone Recordings was also mentioned in Urb's 2004 "Next 100." Now having released solo and collaborative work on various labels such as Vista, Seasons Recordings, Nordic Trax, Swank Records, LowDown Music and Blue Iguana amongst others, Bandy has taken the time to collaborate with producers such as Jake Childs, Rick Preston, Matt Shrewd, and Jon Nedza aka Community Recordings. Today his music is showing up on compilations in Japan, Croatia, England, Ibiza, Canada, the US, and various other countries around the world, showing that no matter where he resides, Bandy's originality and dedication is more important than his locale.




MATT BANDY of DEEP HOUSE SOLDIER (limestone, nightshift, drop) Denver

ROLLAND ESS (marz, bump)


CRAIG MITCHELL (slanted black, cult, rise) Boston

RYAN OBERMILLER (red door, marz, bump)


PETE MOSS (recline, ovum, seasons, large) Philadelphia

RANDY DESHAIES (marz, bump)

more to come...

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