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Danny Torrence w. Eli Wilkie @ RISE 1/26/07


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Danny is def the man in Montreal, playing at Stereo on a regular basis with the likes of David Morales, Victor Calderone and many more. He also plays at huge events like celebration new years eve, where he played an extended set before Tiesto. Danny is a great guy, I have had the chance to play with him at StereoBar 3 years ago. He plays a wide varietyof music, so be prepared to dance!

Danny's Bio:

The electronic music scene is saturated with talent. However, most of that ‘talent’ goes unnoticed. Danny distinguishes himself from the ‘unnoticed’ through hard work, an endless passion for the music, and an intimate association with his crowd that few can match. Danny has been involved in the scene since the early 90’s, but became serious in 2002 when he began working at Stereo in Montreal. From promoting to talent buying to becoming a resident, Danny has distinguished himself as a professional. His ability to deal with people on a human level translates directly onto the dance floor, where he delivers his signature ‘dark and sexy’ sound, tailoring it, but never compromising it, for the dancers.

2006 has been a whirlwind for Danny; starting with his first extended set at Stereo. No one in Montreal including Torrence himself was ready for the attention and acclaims this event received from fans and peers alike. The party: Dirty Thirty, showed Montreal that Danny was undeniably a true talent to be reckoned with once and for all if there were any doubters left. In addition to his residency at Montreal’s world-famous Stereo, where he spins alongside such luminaries of house as David Morales, DJ Vibe, Oscar G, Hector Romero, and Victor Calderone, he also holds down a monthly gig at Red Lite, an 11 year nightlife institution. RED-LITE has also made Danny the face for their upcoming compilation; the 3rd in a series titled RED-LITE SERIES 3 mixed by Danny Torrence. If that wasn’t enough, Montreal’s world famous annual Bal en Blanc (White Party) chose Danny to be part of the distinguished members of the lineup at such an early stage of his career. Torrence has held down residencies at luxe club 1234, which regularly features the world’s finest DJ talent and Le Living where his “Living in Paradise†nights rocked punters every Friday. 2005 was also the year, which saw Danny catapulted onto the international scene, with gigs in Ibiza, Miami and Sicily, where he played alongside none other than Paul Oakenfold. His residencies aside, Torrence continues to be invited to spin at all the hot spots in Montreal including: Unity, Parking, Central Station, Stereobar, Upper Club.

Danny does not limit himself by staying true to his musical philosophy; Danny believes a good record should be played regardless of its genre. He glides effortlessly through NYC Deep, Tribal, and Tech. His musical palette can be dark, dirty and intoxicating as well as uplifting and warm with powerful, meaningful vocals with entrancing tribal beats.

With his first productions set to be released, we are only on the verge of seeing what Danny truly has to offer...


1) Going back a few years (as a kid, teenage years), what music or artists influenced you and does it reflect in your music today at all?

The music I remember the most is music my brother, 5 years older than me always listened to. Musically, I was always ahead of my age. My whole family is made up of music lovers. I’m also still a huge 80s junkie. Some of my biggest influences were Michael Jackson, Prince and the Revolution. Later on, I started listening to lots of freestyle, or Latin freestyle as they called it, what many of the big New York producers were making as dance music in the 80s. Producers like Todd Terry, Louie Vega. The kind of music that’s always appealed to me is very rhythmical and I guess that’s how it reflects in my music today. But Prince and Michael Jackson are without doubt two artists that I remember liking the most.

2) When did you first catch the bug (want to become a DJ)?

Back in the day at my parents’ place, we had an 8-track player, a record player, and a tape recorder with two tape decks; so I started fooling around with the tape recorder when I was 12 years old, trying to program a musical set from tape to tape imagining what songs would blend well together. Who would have thought that sitting in my basement, having fun with my parents’ tape recorder would turn me into a DJ today?

3) Do you think your DJ role is the same now as it was when you first started?

My primary role has always been to entertain and move the crowd. Also, people are a big factor that has defined my role as a DJ. As their expectations grow, they want to hear you play different music so it’s important to keep up with people’s tastes especially in a city as music savvy as Montreal. But, essentially my role has always been the same: putting music together that moves people and makes them dance.

4) As you listen to one of your mixes, what are your impressions or what images, people, places comes to mind?

I’ll listen to a recorded set and know exactly whether I was spinning at Unity, Red-Lite or Stereo. Every room has a different setting and feel to it…a different vibe. Listening back, I’m reminded of that place, its people, and most of all the vibe. For instance, if I play at Unity, my set won’t be the same as one of my sets at Stereo. The way I program my set goes according to where I’m playing and the feeling I’m getting. Also, I could get reminded of a place I visited, like Mykonos where I first heard David Morales play a certain track that brings me back to that specific place and special moment.

5) According to Max Julien, your Red-Lite Series 3 is “perfect for any occasion: car, pre-party, post party, or most importantly, prime-time.†Do you agree with that and would you have anything else to add to that?

That CD was an interesting challenge for me (it’s a single CD of 12 tracks). A double CD I think would have been more obvious to do. I basically had to condense what I represent as music in one CD. And, since my style is eclectic, I cover a wide spectrum of dance music. Everything from tribal to house to the deeper stuff had to come across on this CD. When I play, I want my sets to be seamless. The music can travel anywhere from the peak-time stuff, to a set’s deeper & sensual moments. So yeah, I believe Max Julien was on point with his review and I was extremely happy to see that people understood what I was trying to convey. Thanks Max.

6) What clubs do you see yourself playing at (locally and internationally)?

As far as Montreal goes, I’m very fortunate and happy about the residencies I’m currently holding down. Also, I’d like to play in other cities such as New York, Toronto, and Miami. Maybe work towards playing in Ibiza, as it’s a great experience for any DJ with all its magnetic energy. Also, the annual Winter Music Conference in Miami would be a great experience. Finally, and most definitely, this year’s Bal en Blanc would be another event I’d like to play at.

7) Which DJs have influenced you the most? And why?

There are lots of DJs I can think of, but mainly two of them: without a doubt, David Morales and Danny Tenaglia. Having had the opportunity here in Montreal to go see all sorts of talent, these two DJs are the ones I have leaned the most from. Almost every time I’ve gone to see David or Danny, I’ve seen or heard something new musically and/or technically. They’re very passionate about their craft, very different in certain ways and great people to learn from…two living legends!

What’s Danny Torrence like when he’s not performing?

I enjoy good movies as well as a couple of shows on TV that I like watching…I would say not more than 2 hours per day. Also, I love interacting with fans by emails, myspace and such. But whether I’m in my car or at home or listen to tracks on my Ipod, I listen to everything and try to stay away from house. The last thing I listen to is house. I like to get away from it, so that my mind can be clear and I have a fresher outlook before a performance.

9) As your career keeps growing and travel becomes a greater part of your life, how does the lady friend feel about that?

I have a very simple answer for that: I don’t have a lady friend as of yet. So, I don’t see traveling as a problem so far (jokingly).

10) Time for a few unusual questions. If you were asked to chose between one car: Acura, Jeep, Cadillac, Jaguar or Rolls Royce: which one? (and why?)

I would choose the Jaguar. The Jaguar would make the fastest car out of those options and I love speed. I’m a bit of a speed buff.

11) A choice between actors, as in, who’s your favourite: Robert De Niro, Sylvester Stallone, Matt Damon, and Denzel Washington? (and why?)

Robert Deniro, definitely. Because of his strong on-screen presence. He literally takes over a screen.

12) Female singers, once again, your favorite: Barbara Streisand, Aretha Franklin, Fergie or Paris? (and why?)

I would go with Barbara Streisand. Her talent speaks for itself, she is funny, great actress and most of all, I love her personality. I saw an interview of hers on the Actors’ Studio. She’s all about quality. When she tours, it’s a big affair, she doesn’t do it often and always wants things to be of high quality.

13) Where would you like to go on your next vacation (out of town, abroad)?

I’d love to travel to Italy once again. I found Italy very alluring with many beautiful places to visit as well.

14) Your fan club’s getting bigger every day as you’re getting more exposure & recognition. What would Danny Torrence like to say to his fans?

First and foremost, thank you for all the support. Second, I could just explain it best in the following way: what really makes me tick and go the extra notch, what makes me connect with the crowd and want to keep on playing, is the crowd itself. It’s all about the people. That’s what makes it all worthwhile. When people love and appreciate what you do, it’s extremely rewarding. You connect from the booth to the dance floor and see your fans move and receive everything you want them to feel and show it with the expressions on their faces or how fiercely they are dancing. It’s hard to put it in words, but I can just simply say that it’s a truly awesome feeling and that’s what keeps me going at a high level.

15) You just played Resolution with Tiesto and a host of others. I heard it went great but they also changed your set time, what happened?

When I was booked for the event, I was graciously asked to specifically close the event after Tiesto at 9:30am. So needless to say, I was still disco napping at 5:30am when I got the call to come down immediately to the Bell Centre because they wanted me to play right away because Tiesto was late due to flight issues. I didn’t even have time to pack other records to think of what I would like to take with me now that I was playing peak time and 25 minutes later I was standing on a stage with 8000 patrons staring at me, some disgruntled that I was not Tiesto and understandably so. I just got in my own little space mentally and focused on the job I had to do…from the moment I dropped my first couple of tracks, I had a ball and the crowd responded very well. The response I have seen on boards, in myspace and my emails have been VERY overwhelming to say the least. Thank you Montreal; it was a pleasure and Happy New Year btw.

16) Your Dirty Thirty last year was a big success. This year’s Climaxxx III will be yet another birthday celebration at Stereo. What should fans expect from the birthday boy this time around?

On this special day, I like to put in as much prep work as possible, special promos and edits. I bring out a lot of dancers, lots of visuals…I like to bring a lot to the table for this party. I get a bigger budget so I am able to do more. What to look forward to on my birthday celebration? A really good party!

17) What’s on tap for 2007?

2007 is definitely a year where I’ll put the highest priority on production. I have ideas that I would like to see materialized. Also, maintaining my residencies I have in town is also on tap for 2007. Also, developing and working on other residencies in New York, Toronto, Boston.

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