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Dolphins vs Giants


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since i dont give 2 shits about this superbowl

My fave team and fave nfc team opening up the season next yr in England !!

Giants and Dolphins to play in London on October 28

February 2, 2007

By Chris Palochko PA SportsTicker Staff Writer

MIAMI (Ticker) - The NFL is heading across the pond.

The league announced Friday that the Miami Dolphins and New York Giants will meet in a regular-season game in London next season.

The historic contest will be played at the new 90,000-seat Wembley Stadium on October 28 at noon EST. The game will be televised by Fox.

Miami has been designated the home team, meaning it will play seven games at Dolphin Stadium next season rather than the normal eight.

"The international popularity of the NFL grows each year," commissioner Roger Goodell said. "That interest will be seen as the far corners of the world watch the Super Bowl this Sunday. That is a fascination we will build upon. London and its international stature adds to the game."

London mayor Ken Livingstone was on hand for the announcement of the game at the Super Bowl media center.

"We are expecting around 10,000 American fans to travel to London to watch this game as well as people from Europe," Livingstone said. "There will be 60 million TV viewers in the U.S. alone, so it will be a great opportunity to showcase London to new visitors and for people to see the way we uniquely enjoy our sport."

Among those in attendance at Friday's news conference were new Dolphins coach Cam Cameron and Dolphins defensive end Jason Taylor to go along with Giants quarterback Eli Manning, the younger brother of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and Giants defensive end Michael Strahan.

NFL owners voted last October to play up to two games outside the United States every year for the next five years, with just one game to be played in 2007.

"Needless to say, we are enthused and excited to be part of this historic event," Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga said. "This event is not great for just the UK, but all of Europe."

"We are extremely excited and proud to take our team and product across the pond," Giants executive Jonathan Tisch said.

At the conclusion of the news conference, Huizenga and Tisch presented Livingstone with jerseys of their respective teams.

Huizenga also was not concerned about the travel to London for his team. A flight from Miami to London should take around six hours, a little more than a trip from South Florida to the West Coast.

"We'll treat it as an away game like Seattle or San Francisco," Huizenga said. "I don't think it will be a big deal at all."

When to travel to the UK for the game is up to the individual teams. Both teams will have their annual bye the following week.

The NFL staged its first regular-season game outside the United States in 2005 when 103,467 people saw the Arizona Cardinals play the San Francisco 49ers in Mexico City - the largest crowd for a regular-season game in NFL history.

NFL Europa failed to take root in Britain, which now has no teams in that league. However, Goodell said there is still a huge NFL fan base in Britain, with many of the league's supporters having watched the game when American football was broadcast on terrestrial television in the 1980s.

Another reason for the game being popular in Britain was that fans were able to watch the-then defending Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears and players like Walter Payton and William "The Refrigerator" Perry perform at Wembley in a preseason game against the Dallas Cowboys in 1986

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I'm flying to Lambeau for a game next year since i'm sure its Brett's last year... I was going to e-mail my dad to see if he wanted to go but my best friend from high school sent me a message first~! Can't wait to pick the game (hopefully their home game vs detroit) so i can sport my cheesehead. :laugh:

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Why not have a game in London? I like the idea of sharing our sport with the world. Look at basketball on how global it's gotten. What's wrong with spreading our culture? I always wanted to go to London and with me being a Giants fan it'll motivate the hell out of me to book a trip there.

i prefer to keep our sports here...europeans hate us and they will use us trying to spread our sports outside the US as propaganda for us to take over the world and make everyone like us blah blah blah...time to keep what is ours here...

and if your gonna go to london to see a giants game then perhaps the name homer fits you...

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I've traveled to Europe several times and I've never had any problems. I've never been to London though. Many Europeans don't hate Americans personally, many aren't pleased with our foreign policies. I'm not too big on Bush either but that's another topic. If they don't want to see American football then they don't have to go to the game but I'm sure some will. You'd be amazed how many Dallas Cowboys shirts and hats I saw in Spain and Italy. Likewise if a soccer team ever such as Manchester United ever wanted to play a game here I'd have no beef with that either. Your arguement that all Europeans hate us is pretty weak.

You also forget that sports is a business and marketing and global recognition is part of it. If the NFL can get expand their merchandising then so be it. Out of curiousity how much traveling have you done in your life?

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lol...i had a very small arguement...in actuality if you read the posts of those on here who are not american you can hear the tone and dislike they have for us and they live here....i have many friends who travel and enjoy their time but tell me about the utter dislike they get not to mention what is said to them while they are there...i dont travel outside of my country...i love it here and have no need to visit anywhere else....i couldnt imagine getting violently sick and having to deal with a non-american medical system...

of course they go for money...when they had the cards/niners game in mexico city they had close to 110,000 fans...no nfl stadium comes close to holding a group like that (hell the michigan statdium in ann arbor doesnt hold that much) it was heaven for them to make all that money over there...but i still say keep our sports here....

and as for your faggot soccer sport that can stay in the euro-trash county also...

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they will do welll there i remember the Wfl first came out the english team LOndon Monarchs won the first european"super bowl"

I dont know why england couldnt sustain a team

germany digs it

MOnarchs had a few NFL players too Fridge Perry his last yrs and Brad JOhnson played for them too


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soccer in the US is only going to grow, so fuckos like fknore is going to have suck it.

randy lerner (owner of the cleveland browns) bought aston villa a few months ago;

the glazer family (owners of the bucs) bought manchester united last year; and,

george gillett (owner of the montreal canadiens) and tom hicks (texas rangers) just bought up liverpool.

you know they are going to market the shit outta their teams in the US with pre-season tours, training camps, set up youth academies in the US all in order to produce more profit.

if at all, the NFL shouldve scheduled a cleveland browns-detroit lions type of game in london, since no one outside those cities gives a flying fuck about those teams. (sorry lola) :D

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Ticket requests pour in for London NFL gameAssociated Press

LONDON -- The NFL's first regular-season game outside North America already looks like a big hit.

More than 500,000 tickets were requested by about 160,000 fans in the three days following Friday's official announcement, the NFL said Wednesday.

The ticket request process ends Feb. 18, two months before tickets go on sale for the Oct. 28 game between the Miami Dolphins and the New York Giants at Wembley Stadium.

Wembley is expecting to seat between 85,000-90,000 for the game.

"Nearly all these requests have come from UK based fans," said Alistair Kirkwood, the managing director of NFL UK. "These figures do not take into account the allocation of tickets for Dolphins and Giants fans from the United States, so we anticipate a very quick sellout when tickets go on sale in early March.""

On Sunday, more than 4,000 fans gathered in London to watch the Super Bowl at Super Bash, which is in its fourth year.

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