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An article I wrote for MelodyTrip.com, redundant for those "I've been to DEMF so many times I could vote in Detroit" types that may reside on this board.

This is not meant for you:

My words of advice as a grizzled veteran to Festival attendees:

1. Plan ahead. Check out the Festival lineup set times and extensive after party list and find out whom you really want to see. If you know a specific after party that you must be at, buy a pre-sale ticket. That will eliminate the uncertainty of whether you will get in. Most parties, except for Minus, will not sell out but having a ticket in advance should eliminate having to wait in line long. If you don't know which artists to check out, ask around. Everyone will have their own opinion as to which party will be best. If you choose incorrect, don't hesitate to bounce to another party.

2. Sleep. Sounds silly but the music will be running non-stop from Thursday until Tuesday. Take time to go to crash out so that you can enjoy the entire festival. If necessary, curl up on the grassy knoll by the river under a tree for shade and enjoy some shut-eye while you can still take in the sounds of the festival.

3. Stay hydrated. An entire weekend of dancing in the daytime followed by more of the same all night will take its toll on you. I recommend lots of water or other non-alcoholic drinks. The festival serves delicious lemonade and fruit smoothies as well as soda and alcohol.

4. Eat. Dancing and running around burns lots of calories. Make sure to eat. There are plenty of restaurants within walking distance of the Festival. Try Greektown which is just blocks north of the Festival. They have a good assortment of restaurants including Niki’s Pizza, Loco’s (Mexican) as well as several Greek restaurants. My personal favorite is Pizza Papalis, also located in Greektown. Stop by the Astoria Pastory shop for a delicious breakfast or late night snack. Detroit also has three casinos, including one in Greektown, which have buffets.

5. Bring suntan lotion, a light weight jacket or sweatshirt and an umbrella. Weather in Detroit at this time of year can be unpredictable. Last year was very warm but the festival often sees rain too. Nights can be chilly, in particular after sweating all night in a hot and dark after party.

6. Be aware of your surroundings. Detroit is not as rough as you may have heard but you aren’t in Kansas anymore either. Most after parties are walking distance from the Festival. Follow the crowds and ask for directions. Most people are friendly and will point you in the right direction. Public transportation isn’t very reliable. If you find a good cabbie, get his name and number and use it!

7. Have fun!

This was written by A. “Grimace” Virden, long time enthusiast of techno and former resident of Detroit. Complete text can be found here:


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