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Torro Remote - RSN08 [Elektrotribe 031]

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Hi All!

We are proud to announce the release of the new EP of Torro Remote RSN08

Uk dj James Zabiela has been touring since february and playing this huge new track by Torro Remote all over the world. RSN08 EP presents 2 new tracks by Torro Remote, and a remix of the RNS08 track by Digital Filth!

Be carefull where you put your feets, this one is explosive.


>> Elektrotribe 031


Listen - MP3 - CD


1. RSN08 (Original Mix)

2. HZRD (Original Mix)

3.RSN08 (Digital Filth Remix)

Release info & links here

Feedbacks ::::::

James Zabiela (UK) (Renaissance)

'RSN08 has been ripping up dancefloors all over the world.

It's a weapon that I wouldn't leave home without for my sets. Huge gnarly Bass.'

Bjoern Scheurmann (DE) (Fassade / Lebensfreude / Paso Music)

I'm fascinated 'bout this massive bassline in RSN08 & HZRD

I'm sure they will destroy nearly all dancefloors... *respect

Good Listening!



Coming soon ::::

032 - Breger & Moog Conspiracy - Hinterhalt

033 - Tech My House 3 (compilation)

034 - Animaltek - EP

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