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CG Radio/Podcast * DnB/Dub/Breaks/Electro Radio - Tune in!

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CG Radio/Podcast * DnB/Dub/Breaks/Electro Radio - Tune in!

CG Radio/Podcast occurs every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month on GlobalVortexRadio.com!

To Tune in, Watch, subscribe to the podcast and socialize click the link below:


We are continuously looking for guests and exclusive mixes to play so reach out (your location does not matter)

About CG Radio

CG Radio has been around for a long while hopping from one internet radio station to the next seeking the radio station that would entertain their format and their style of a radio show. The show's format is the standard dj/host format however when possible we will feature djs from our entire roster working on a rotating schedule so the listener does not know whom they are going to be listening to every other week. Djs on our artist roster includes: Cast the Sky, Dead P.A., Futurebound, Mark S, Mundo, Muffler, Q-Bik, Quadrant, Rupture, Seraph and Sw@t (roster subject to change). With this amount of talent on a rotating schedule all having their unique sound will ensure for an enjoyable listening experience for the listener. The use of our roster, as well as guests will allow for freedom and movement to get the best show out to the people. Since the members of our roster are spread out throughout the US and Canada and also over to Europe, this allows for high ranking special guests as well as a great opportunity for global domination made possible by Global Vortex Radio!

Get ready for the craziness that is CG Radio, we were given the go ahead to act out as we like and to play what we want. We will give the public mostly a show packed with Drum and Bass, Dub Step and Breaks but do not be surprised when you hear other genres that have nothing to do with the show but that just happens to work.

Simply put CG Radio is just an action packed show full of fun and good tune-age.

Watch us on UStream.tv during the show


Subscribe to the podcast


We are also on Itunes


Feel free to get in touch with us.




CyberGroove2k < Aim/Skype

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