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V. Barbarino

Guido anthem of the week......

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just curious...why did Tsettos quit his residency..?

Those clubs are owned by the mob per se. They own more than tempts, they all almost all of it (SSH). Bamboo, XS, Tempts, resturant next store etc. They made XS 18 for chicks, but would not allow 18 for chicks at tempts. I'm not sure, but I think they finally allowed it, but they put all this money into XS and it's party, and took Tempts for granted. Well every club from nyc to miami to nj is not doing well. Tempts started to be a reg club, not the madness of the past 9 years. The staff at Tempts felt they were being shafted, thus why he's going to make a decision about Tempts. But times change, people change, he could go on his 10th year there, but maybe it's time to move on, dunno. 10 years at one club is insane in any era. New club opening in NJ, and he's booked solid through the winter up in the NJ area, a few gigs in nyc etc. Sooner or later a smart nyc club will bring him back in for a resident. No one brings the much needed and financialy missed NJ/CT crowd.

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