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what up peeps? this is my first actual post in here, but i've been reading almost daily for about a year now... i just wanted to say a few things, first of all, to all the people who argue over what club is better, (sf or exit) or who the best dj is, chill.. i live in rhody island, where we have only 2 decent clubs... when i say decent, that's being very generous, cause i've been to clubs in a lot of other city's, particularly in nyc...(exit, sf, limelight) believe me you peeps don't realize how good you have it, i go to shitty clubs in a small city most of the time, so take it from me, you're clubs are phat, regardless of what type of music they're playing or who the dj is that's playing it...you think you're dj's are bad?? you should come hear some of rhode island's finest....terrible compared to the sounds that i hear when i'm in nyc.... anyway that brings me to my next point, RI's dj's are so bad that it's such a treat to actually hear some good ones, the last two friday's i went to Providence's best club, NV. on the 15th, i saw boris who was on point, (although i hear he's been slipping lately) he wasn't as good as the times i saw him in exit, but still pretty phat anyway.. on the 22, i saw jp, who was off the hook as usual, he has yet to dissapoint me, although he was also better when i saw him at sf but that's just they way it goes i guess....Anyway, i just wanted to say what's up to all you people, you all write good posts, so keep it up, peace. p.s. to the only other rhody i've ever seen on here, madcrisco, whatup kid?!

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