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Guest saintjohn

"Daddy, what are you doing here?"

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Guest saintjohn

Father's surprise: call-girl daughter

An Israeli couple are preparing to divorce after the man summoned a prostitute to his hotel room only to discover she was his daughter.

The tale of family turmoil began some months ago when the father, a businessman based in the city of Haifa, was sent by his company to a course in the resort of Eilat for four days.

The Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv reports that the man took advantage of the visit to summon a call girl to his room on his first night there.

And that was when everything started to go horribly wrong.

Distraught wife

As the prostitute entered the room, the full horror for him of discovering his daughter's occupation hit him. The father began feeling chest pains which may have been a mild heart attack.

He then cut short his stay in Eilat, and on his return home told his distraught wife the truth of what had happened.

She has vowed to track down her daughter and find a more suitable job for her.

However, her forgiveness has not extended to her husband and she has made it clear she wishes to divorce him.

The court case is expected to begin soon.


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Guest Slide On The Ice

Whoa. What a shock that had to have been. And how much more embarrased can a daughter get in front of her dad, and vice-versa?

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Guest swirlundergrounder

wowwwwwwww :P

I figured this story was out of alabama.. what a shocker.

You mean out of West Virginia

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