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Anyone On LI?NY? and more questions...

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First, yesterday, after my friends and all their friends called their drug dealers, we found only one e pill. I kid you not, this shit is rare as hell. why? no body has anything. i tried this x files thing, it was intense for about 2 hours and wore off...so how do i make it last longer? aside form th 5 htp., do pills last longer than 3 hours?

also, for those of you on long island...where do you get your stuff rom if youre not at a rave or club? id be seriously interested in getting GOOD MDMA than this bad x files and aples crap, im not trying to be a scrub or asking for favors, (actuallyi am) from anyone who is willing to hook me up...please let me know...all Lon gg island is about is drinking coronas and hydro. its terrible.


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well im learning this x files doesnt last very long to begin with...it was not that good because it made me very very tired for hte rest of the weekend. as for only one e, seems like all the dealers have a shortage..how ridiculous...this has neve rhappened before.

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ok, tomochan and others, check out www.dancesafe.org www.erowid.org www.bluelight.nu www.ecstasy.org and research a bit.

you'll see that you need such a vast quantity of vitamin c for it to actually make a difference on your peak that you would probably get sick (look at the pre/post loading slide on dancesafe). i've never seen a difference in my peak with vitamin c. i think it's a psychological effect if you do think it makes a difference.

and 5-htp is a person-to-person thing. some people swear it doesn't help, others do. i think it's funny to pop more pills to help popping other pills.

the caffeine thing- red bull, caffeine pills, soda, whatever- just gives you the jitteries and you have a harder time falling asleep. not worth it.

if you want a better peak, just take more E (kidding). or slow down and let your tolerance subdue a bit.



*turn it around baby*

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