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The only REAL way is testing or taking. Some people will tell you that it burns your mouth or smells a certain way but it's not true. You can buy testing kits off the internet.

To start off with many thing smell a certain way and the people who are making pills (and anyother drug for that matter) try to throw you off the sent. It also depends what the bonding agent is used etc.

I think the best way to deal with it is to have a good relationship with the person you are buying from. Test them and buy a few of the good ones. If you buy from the same person all the time they will think twice before ripping you off.

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Sometimes but try to sort out a relationship with somebody outside the club.

It's hit and miss in clubs unless :

a) the club has it's own dealer (most do).

B) you can find that dealer.

c) You find somebody who goes most of the time and build a relationship with him.

Somebody else may be able to give you a more local answer as to how hit & miss it may be in your area. But remember if there are bad pills going round it's very easy to buy up thousands of the pills for next to nothing and bang them out for $15 each in clubs.

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