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Is it my pills or me?

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Every time I roll, it kicks in in about 30 min, then I roll hard for about 1 hour or two hours then it goes away and I get stuck with an annoying body buzz for about 3 hours and feel like shit the next day. When and how long for should you peak? I take 5htp, and it really hasn't made that much of a difference. -SIN

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Sounds like unclean pills, it's too difficult to say from your description what is in it...

but i would hazard a guess at MDA. It's more toxic than MDMA and doesn't last so long, but there may be something else in it.

Do the pills keep you awake? Do you feel agitated when you are coming down?

Have you tryed looking up the pills on the pill ID sites?

Also by the sounds of it, you need to invest in a testing kit. They are only $20, if your constantly getting bad ones then it would realy help you establish this.

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MDA lasts anywhere from 8 - 12 hrs

MDA Effects:


extreme mood lift

increased willingness to communicate

increase in energy (stimulation)

ego softening

feelings of comfort, belonging, and closeness to others

feelings of love and empathy


increased awareness & appreciation of music

increased awareness of senses. (eating, drinking, smell)

profound life-changing spiritual experiences

neurotically based fear dissolution

sensations bright and intense

urge to hug and kiss people


visual distortion

appetite loss

rapid, involuntary eye jiggling (nystagmus)

restlessness, nervousness, shivering

change in body temperature regulation


inappropriate and/or unintended emotional bonding

tendency to say things you might feel uncomfortable about later

mild to extreme jaw clenching (trisma), tongue and cheek chewing, and teeth grinding (bruxia)

muscle tension

increase in body temperature, hyperthermia, dehydration (drink water)

hyponatremia (don't drink too much water)

nausea and vomiting

headaches, dizziness, and vertigo (general with high doses or frequent use)

post-trip Crash - unpleasantly harsh comedown from the peak effect

hangover the next day, lasting days to weeks

mild depression and fatigue for up to a week

severe depression and/or fatigue (uncommon)

possible neurotoxicity (controversial)

possible strong urge to repeat the experience, though not physically addictive



Four Simple Words To Live By....

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I have seen people affected the same way you have explained, when using mdma. Everyones body reacts differently to it. Also how often have you been rolling. Your tolerance level may have increased and lessened the effects pills have on you.



Four Simple Words To Live By....

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Originally posted by e-tarded:

MDA lasts anywhere from 8 - 12 hrs

e-tarded, thanks for the post! This might sound really nerdy, but I like technical discussions like that. In fact, I'm all for having all of the e-related biochem and phys spilled on this forum.

I got years of biomed sciences behind my belt, so if there are any topics that call for the scientifica, I say let's have them!

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