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In a way I knew this movie would not just be hah hah funny but also teach some valuable lessons in a heartfelt way. IT DEFINITLY DID THAT..

some may argue that it could be a bit cheesy but you know what. I LOVE CHEESY!!!!

Its pretty much the story about a guy that is a workaholic who has no time to spend time with his family.. (two kids and gorgeous wife kate beckinsale... mmmmm mmmmmm hottie x10)

everytime he is at home he ends up either fighting with his wife, or disappointing his kids... all he wishes for is his promotion at work so he can better provide for his family

at home hes also annoyed by having too many remotes to control all his electronic devices.. so he goes out in the middle of the nite to the only store thats open

BED BATH AND BEYOND.. to look for a universal remote. he meets up this strange guy called morty and gets a universal remote that lets him control his life.

he uses the remote to fast foward all the parts of his life that annnoy him so he can get to his promotion..

unfortunatlly, the remote has a special feature in which it remembers his actions and it automatically starts to fast foward his life whenever he does something specifically (stuff he fast fowarded.. promotions, fights... sex)

ultimately he misses out on his entire life...

the divorce with his one true love, his kids growing up, the death of his father (who he later regrets not investing more time with)

eventually culminating to the marriage of his son and his own death....

of course he is given a second chance by morty (who ends up being the angel of death) because "good guys deserve a second chance"

its obvious this is the way this flick was going to go but it was done in a very well done and funny way . while still retaining a lot of heart

great movie..... and yes it choked me up :P

9/10 for this type of flick... not overly in your face funny and not too sappy. it was well balanced

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Guest swirlundergrounder

Sorry but I wouldn't watch this movie even if it was on ABC for free.

Adam Saddler is the same character in all of his movies. It gets pretty boring to watch him play and act the same role 15 movies in a row..

Big Daddy was the last one of his I enjoyed..After that IMO are just a waste of my time.

Now I'd rather go waste my time with some UMA in 'My Super Ex Girlfriend'...

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