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And i'm so very proud!!! cwm32.gif

I just had to share it with someone.........

and who beter than the fabulous people at CP! cwm1.gif

Anyway.....I wish all of those that havent had this wonderful experience a GOOD LUCK! and to those that have I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! cwm4.gif


MEOW! heykitty.gif

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Originally posted by clubkat:

Of course orgasms!!!! cwm4.gif

And no I dont mind.....It was actually with my bestest friend named VIBE-y! cwm1.gif

I really would have liked it to be with my partner but like I said in a past post....I've been deprived cwm10.gifcwm21.gif

ahh, ,congrats gerl.. Ive had them w/ my x boyfriend.. but ..I never had a multiple w/ my buddy Victor VibeS.. (he replced Vinny.. vinny died frown.gif )

anywya... Victor never gave me one.. Im jealous gerl! .....


"I'm gone, you ain't worth tha tears

You lost tha best thing you ever had in ya life..a waste of my years"

"ouT 4 doL"


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To imnikki: My condolences on Vinny's passing..... :_(

As for Victor, tell him to keep up the good work!!!

Tequiza,your kind of right with both statements: Two or more within a span of time; but one right after another!

!Its the greatest feeling in the world!



MEOW! heykitty.gif

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Guys can have them too - We just have to work really hard at getting them. It can take years to learn soo I understand. There is a kind where we simply stay hard after cumming and then we cum sometime later. But that is not really a multiple just like a woman having two orgasms in 20 minutes is not a real multiple. Real multiples are like back to back.

Guys that devvelop complete control over their PC muscles can squeeze them so hard that when they cum they don't let any semen out. Since they didn't ejaculate there is no real refractory period and they stay hard and can cum again soon whereas when you stay hard after ejaculating you can't cum again for awhile. Orgasm isn't defined by ejaculation but rather by the muscle contractions that accompany it. Weirdly, the muscles of men and women contract at exactlty the same frequency. So even though women can cum multiple times naturally and can orgasm in three ways (Cervix, G-Spot, and Clitoris) and have twice as many nerve endings in the clitoris as the penus, and have more sensitive nipples they do not necesarily, at the end of the day, enjoy sex anymore than guys do.

Sorry for the text-book info. I just thought some of you girls might find it interesting. For me this is a goal I intend to pursue over time. It would be cool to be able to do.

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