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World's Fastest Production Car - 253 MPH Top Gear Test Drive

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While it's very impressive where technology has taken us in the super car world, I think it's reached a point where it's too much. The crotch rocket guys were smart to call a truce before the feds got involved.

It no longer takes much to get a car to go 200mph whereas back in the day it was unheard of. Anything over 200mph these days is just wasteful, not impressive and lame if you ask me.

I like the flip side of this with cars like the z06, viper, wrx, evo, mustang etc Super performers for their price!

Think about it, in ten years, you can buy a used z06 for 15k and it will run circles around anything we grew up with by a 100000% and do 198mph.. lol... High school kids doing 198mph!

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