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The Oceanaire

Guest JMT

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Guest JMT

Heard a lot about this place, don’t really recall if it was good or bad, but I heard a lot nonetheless.

You know the drill…

There’s more fish on the menu than at the Miami Seaquarium. They serve up a variation of pretty much every fish you can think of. They list all of the catches that are “fresh†for that day (caught that day, or the day prior) at the top of the menu and you can pick any of those and get it grilled, broiled, or blackened, or you can choose from the long list of chef’s specialty items (including some steak and other seafood) which probably change frequently.


New England clam chowder – Good, nice consistency. I have had more flavorful NECC’s in my lifetime, but there was nothing offensive about it. thumbs up.

Octopi, Chef's Special – I am not sure how anyone willingly chooses to eat octopus and enjoys it. Basically looked like it was boiled. I would describe it as tasting like a piece of a plastic bag with a wet tissue inside. peer pressure...

Pickled Herring Tray – This is something they bring out automatically, served cold with an assortment of vegetables. Might as well have been last week’s mackerel. I was not a fan going in, and it did not convert me. A friend of mine swears by it.


Broiled Alaskan Halibut – Cooked in a light olive oil and served with lemon. Perfected cooked, sizeable piece. I liked it, but if I had to do it all over again I would have probably chosen to eat a local fish. Even though they claim everything on the menu was caught that same day or the day before, there might something said for going with something caught in our own backyard. I wouldn’t fly to Hawaii and expect to eat great Maine lobster. I have had Alaskan halibut in Alaska, and while this one was good, it did not compare to my memories of the former.

Hash brown fries & steamed broccoli – Solid side items.


(I sampled a little of each of these. Be warned if you go, the desserts are massive!)

Banana Bread Pudding – Pretty good, but eat it fast as they put vanilla ice cream on top and once it melts, as it does quickly, you are left with a soggy bread pudding.

Chocolate Brownie Cake – This was obnoxiously large. It was one wedge slice that was probably half a normal cake. I did not care for the flavor very much. Was not “cakey†enough to be cake and was not “brownie†enough to be brownie.

Cookies and Milk – Sometimes the silliest options in life end up the being the best. This was my favorite dessert! 2 large, delicious chocolate chip cookies, oven hot.

Other Notes: I really like the 1940s cruise ship décor. Bonus points for having good bread. The service was excellent and the server was incredibly knowledgeable of the menu items. I thought the wine list was acceptable, but nothing exceptional. the pricing was nice though.

In synopsis, the place is a fish fan’s dream, and while I’m probably not in a hurry to swim back anytime soon, it’s worth a hook for anyone who is craving some ichthyic cuisine.


The Oceanaire

900 S. Miami Ave.

Miami, FL



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Guest macboy

I really like this place, if I haven't said it enough. :P

Great service is rare in these parts so I like to frequent the places that provide it. Oceanaire is definitely on that list.

Great review. I know it's been said the spice menu is subpar, but if you look at the overall menu it is worth the trip.

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Guest macboy

macboy, do you have a favorite thing to eat there?

You know, I'm a fan of trying different things when I find a good restaurant down here, just for variety's sake. But I really do like their falafel encrusted salmon. My wife is a fan of their Chesapeake crab cakes. I've also had the black grouper, but they have such a huge selection of fish I want to try many others. The swordfish is next on my list. The sides you mentioned, along with the spinach, are great.

Someone told me the steaks are pretty good here as well. Don't know if I'll get to them, though.

I've only had desset there once and it was the key lime pie, which to me was very good. It doesn't take too much to please me when it comes to key lime pie, as long as it's not too tart and as long as the crust doesn't fall apart immediately.

Haven't tried the oysters there yet but probably next visit.

Hey, did I mention the service is great? :P

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