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I live about 45 min outside of Chicago in a boring little town. My friends and I usually head into Chicago and some other places not to far from my area, but we are running out of places to go. Are there any decent places to go that you don't have to be 21 to goto? I am 20 so I have another year. Thanks. -SIN

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Think this is one for moneypenny.

But the obvious thing to say would be raves. Again Boogietribe do good event that are 18+.

The treehouse collective run events locally as well see below.

Or get a fake i.d.This message is from the Treehouse Collective

Upcoming Events:

The Treehouse Collective is proud to support:


July 22,2000

brought to you by Flashback and Smooth Movement

This is going to be a big one. For more info call 847-955-9499 or visit www.flashbackandsmoothmovement.com

Happening Wednesday, July 26th


brought to you by Obsidian Order

Featuring Treehouse Collective All-Stars:

Liquid G-Zus

Kid Ikarus

The Leprekahn

This is a new 18+ club night. 21+ to drink, IDs a must. Open turntables from 8pm-10pm, call for Obsidian Order for a slot reservation. Their # is 312-409-9216

Web Page Updates:

Liquid G-Zus - X-Mas 2000 is now available in mp3 format.

Both The Leprekahn and Liquid G-Zus now have personal web pages, check them out at:



An online gallery should be up soon, as well as more mp3s, keep checking back. Again, any pictures anyone has of any of our events or djs would be greatly appreciated.

Thats all for now!

contact us @ 312-409-2626

treehousecollective@angelfire.com www.angelfire.com/il/treehouse

You can unsubscribe from this list at our web page, www.angelfire.com/il/treehouse


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Here's some more info - hope it helps!

Good listing for raves in the midwest area - Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, St.Louis etc.


Check the "Chicago Reader" - free weekely paper (also online)for The Caberet Metro listings. Sometimes they have has some 18+ VIBERNAUTS events, some of the DJ talent is pretty good...

otherwise your shit-outa-luck unless you've got a great fake id. All club's in Chiago are 21+ unlike New York...

hope that helps some


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