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Undergroundbeat is proud to bring you the latest updates and developments

>at www.undergroundbeat.com. Our last club night in the hills of Kinross

>exploded like a adolescents's hormones at his first school disco with the

>Ubeat DJ assault team launching into a cocktail of disco filth, chicago

>house and dark techno. check out the photos from the Kinross night, on the

>4th of august in our flashback section. we're in the process of sniffing

>out the finest venues for our next club night onslaught, we'll keep you



>The DJ assault team have now been returned to their padded cells and have

>been starved of their decks and synthesizers to ensure they concentrated on

>bringing you the most wicked selection of new reviews. These reviews are

>now up and burning a hole on www.undergroundbeat.com.

>The team have hunted out and reviewed the best Hip Hop, Jungle, Techno,

>Breakbeat and house tracks that this month has to offer. While the hardware

>reviews, in the DJ booth section are vital reading for all you producers

>out there.


>Undergroundbeat has added for your viewing pleasure a exclusive Ubeat

>screensaver (in the download section)So you can finally rid your PC's of

>those triped out Microsoft flying shapes !


>Lurking in the club section is a special treat for any Hip Hop lovers with

>a Rap life show video feed, you've gotto check this out.

>Thanks for your support,

>Take it easy


>The Ubeat team


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