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I am still recovering smile.gif


"Perhaps if the world had been a little more fair, a little more tolerable, a little more intelligent, understanding, that if you don't treat people with respect, with equality, with dignity, then you create a world of chaos and confusion where every single human being is the LOOSER. Perhaps if the world was kinder then maybe some of our greatest voices would still be with us today."

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I accually took time off this weekend too. We went to the boat, lost some money, but then had to stop by the Mission, hey it was free and right next to the boat.

If you ever want a night off and feel like a laugh, check out Improv Olympic on Clark past like the Attic, it was AWESOME. On saturdays the audience does kinda a "who's line is it anyway" (that drew carey show) it was SO funny. But that is definitally a break from the club scene, a refresher if you must!

How about you?

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