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Event: Faultline 2 Year Anniversary with Deckard and Frank Nitty

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Well it's been 2 years since we started off on this and we are very excited to be at UNDERGROUND SF for our 2 year anniversary!



Born and bred in Washington, Keith Harris (a.k.a. Deckard) starting DJ-ing in 2000, at venues and clubs in Seattle and Canada. He moved to San Francisco in 2005 where his skills and talent evolved and became even more prolific, garnering interest and accolade and earning him a spot in the underground music scene.

Deckard made his big splash as a member of Coda in 2006 at Burning Man. Soon after he joined forces with the Space Cowboys whose parties are legendary in San Francisco and Burning Man and whose Ripecast podcast was nominated for Best Podcast of the Year by Breakspoll for 2013.

Mixing together a blend of music selection including, but certainly not limited to breakbeat, nu funk, and house, Deckard keeps crowds on their feet and moving backed by his unique sound and ability to mix genres whether it be playing a sunrise set at Breakfast of Champions or closing down the main room in front of a packed warehouse.

Deckard has performed in a variety of venues on the west coast and Canada with DJs such as Jondi & Spesh, Uberzone, Lee Coombs, Plump DJs, Dylan Rhymes, Meat Katie, Elite Force/Simon Shackleton, Worthy and more.




In 1993, Frank Nitty began his career in the SF Rave Scene at a party called "Elmo". It was at this party, he would meet up with his future partner in crime, "DJ Ghost" along with his future production company. In 94', Frank Nitty and two promoters from "Elmo" started up a production company called "Small World Productions". Together they threw numerous parties at the infamous warehouse located at 16th and Harrison or also known as the "Hayes Theater". Among these parties were "It's a small world", and "Indonesia". The line-ups for these parties consisted of "DJ Dan", "Donald Glaude", "Simon", "Jeno", "Frank Nitty" and "DJ Ghost". "Indonesia" was such a success, that it became a weekly Wednesday nightclub and was moved to club "DV8". Frank Nitty and Small World Productions had split up and gone there separate ways in 1995. Frank Nitty went on continuing to spin at numerous parties. In October of 95', Frank Nitty threw a party on his own called "Planet E" which was his most successful solo adventure. It was in May of 96' that Frank Nitty and DJ Ghost were billed as a four-turntable act at a party called "Enchantment". This act had later gotten them booked for a party called "Megga Buzz". In June of 96', Frank Nitty threw "Indonesia 2 The Reunion" which was Indonesia's two-year anniversary. The party had a small turnout but had a good vibe. The line up consisted of the regulars at the weekly Wednesday Indonesia in 94', such as "Jeno", "Frank Nitty", "DJ Ghost" and "Kwashi". In September, Frank Nitty and DJ Ghost played at "Megga Buzz" on four-turntables at the infamous rave warehouse, "HomeBase" in Oakland, California. Their performance together was instant chemistry that it astonished the crowd in overwhelming excitement. Soon afterwards, Frank Nitty joined Ghostribe and stopped promoting parties. From 1997 to 1999, Frank Nitty and DJ Ghost playing their now famous 4 turntable act rocked countless massives at the HomeBase warehouse. In 99', Frank Nitty created his alter ego "Danja" playing jump up drum and bass with partna "Spek". Danja's first release was "Dangerous Muzik". Danja and Spek then went on to collaborate on a CD called "JungleGround". At the end of 99', a new member was added to the Ghostribe Krew, "MC Ragga Banton". MC Ragga Banton began to work with Danja and Spek using his dance hall ragga style over hip hop flavored drum and bass. In 2000 Frank Nitty got involved with a radio show that opened up the airwaves to underground music. Hosted by Wild 94.9's St. John , Frank Nitty and the Ghostribe Krew rock the funky beats every other Friday night.by 2001 the radio show HouseNation was the #1 mix show in the bay area. In 2003 Frank Nitty hung up his headphones and went on hiatus. In 2007 Frank Nitty started a skateboard company ironically named Ghostribe Skateboards. In 2010, after a 7 year hiatus, Frank Nitty rejoined the cast of HouseNation and was featured on 99.7 NOW every Saturday night up until the end of 2012.
In 2011 Frank Nitty, Ross FM and Krishna Lee formed Cloud 10 Events and began portfolio of successful event projects such as WOMP, Stereo Love, Womp Island 420 and BPM. In 2014, after 21 years in the SF Scene, we find Frank Nitty holding down residency at the most prominant weekly events (Wednesday Nights) EPR & (Sunday Nights) Sunset Arcade. With monthly Cloud 10 Events on Treasure Island your're sure to get your fix of one of the Original SF Rave Pioneers!


With support from your Faultline residents:


Eric Riggsbee (FAULTLINE)


424 Haight Street
San Francisco
21+ w/ID
FREE all night long

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