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three or more.....


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who's done it? who is going to do it? Talkin' about threesomes.... and if you have done it, how did it work out? Were there any negative things that came of it? TELL ME PEOPLE..... I NEED TO KNOW!!! biggrin.gif


"Come closer to the speakers so I can see the light in your eyes..."

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Ive done it and possibly can be doing it soon.

The one negative was everyone in the crappy club sucked....local dive. Now thats what everyone knows me as...GREAT!!

Nah but a big negative would be sometimes not everyone gets enough attention or the 3rd person is a nuisance. I prefer 3somes with all girls. Then everyone gets their fair share.

Ok Ima stop now cuz Im getting horny!


~*~* You wanna touch it?~*~*

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Guest crystalmethodny

I dont like going into depth about sex life

But I've been there... my ex was bi-sexual.

Its fun, lots of passion, but I still prefer one on one... much more sensual... if you do things the right way.


"We're going to build things up slowly... are you with me? Here we go."

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More is better. I've only made it up to four so far but I'm working on it.

As long as everyone is cool with it and it is safe everything is good. The only problem I have seen other peopld have is when half a couple is not into it. That can get messy.

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One, two, three or more. It's all good. There is nothing better than fucking around with the go ahead from your partner.If you are worried about what other people in the group think, then lay some ground rules and you should be good to go.

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<< 3somes, 4somes, Xsomes ...you name it and I've done it >>

i'm with jack on that one. biggrin.gif




"And those who were seen dancing

were thought to be insane by those

who could not hear the music."





AIM: loves2cox

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