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fetish fun for those fearless freaks


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tonight, all my freaks out there, is a party at the limelight that has nothing to do with house music...the entrance is on twenteith street. the party is ZEN WARP. done your latex or rubber, corsets or whatever-wear black if that is all you have-but come and be devious with the rest of us, do not let fear hold you back...

for newbies to the scene-no one will bother you if you dont want to play-you can come and satisfy your curiosity safely, watch a show, and see what it all means...

i will be there in black pants that look wet, black stillettos, dark curly hair, some sort of top i dont know yet...i will be by the stage to the right around one am. feel free to find me and talk, you will know who i am by the nails of my left hand...sharp and red and long...with hush written across them....

hope to see you there...


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Sounds so scary.....




<I'm a Fire-starter>

--- When the Artful speaks



"Takin' out the suckas, and they don't know how I did it!!!"


Float like a butterfly,

Sting like a bee.

I got the glow, baby!!

Can ya feel it?!?

Now back up and give me some dancin' room!!


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