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Ever fuck your couch?


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Originally posted by flex sexopolous:

One time I fucked my cat, no joke, i killed it!! She couldnt take the Flexanator

OMG Ok this is really sick but well you remind me of this guy in my town.

Back in High School, me and my old crew use to hang at a school by us. This gy named Vinny came down and started hangin out with us. I think he has some sort of mental problems or whatever. He seems fine but, he fucks cats. He really fucks cats. He would sit there and describe it to us. Even showed us scratches on his body from the cats too. Oh God its sickening. He would go around town and look for cats to take them home and video this sexual act. Ugh it makes me sick. Totally makes me sick.

Hey you dont believe me, come to my town and Ill bring you to meet Vinny Nuch!



There's an old Irish saying -- 'there are no strangers, just friends who haven't met' -- so, until we meet, may peace and plenty rain down upon your head.

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uh huh. fuck the couch. the long chair in your living room. you fucked it. wow. I don't know what to say. I knew the people on this board were a bit freaky, but this takes the cake. Bannana peels??!!!! Come on people!!!!! What ever happened to good ole' fassion pussy?????? cwm28.gif


"Come closer to the speakers so I can see the light in your eyes..."

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