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Well, being a, not ugly, single male, I'm having sex with someone new all the time. It feels great everytime and I love and respect each and every girl (in a way nobody probably could understand)when we each let down our guard and give each other pleasure. I like being with new people, female friends, etc. and that's what's fun, every girl is different and it takes time (foreplay) to understand what each girl needs...but, someday I'll meet "the one" and settle down...till then, it's the variety pack.

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I think that sex with someone new is only good when you are both into it. I'm not just talking about being into it b/c you are horny, but into it meaning that you connect mentally as well as physically. Don't just have random sex cause you're horny. It will eventually leave you with an empty feeling. At least it did for me, when I messed up like that.

Also, if you aren't over the last person you were having sex with it's just not the same. If you have sex with someone, and have SOMEONE ELSE on your mind, that is a definite no-no.

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