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Should stem cell research be allowed?


should BUSH listen to the Pope's advise AGAINST stem cell research?  

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  1. 1. should BUSH listen to the Pope's advise AGAINST stem cell research?

    • Yes!..research on an undeveloped fetus is still murder
    • NO! If it cures diseases that where once thought "uncurable" it cant be bad!
    • The pope smokes dope (who cares)

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As some of you may know our good president hill billy hick "W" met with the Pope last week and discussed Stem cell research. (A technology that would use the cells of an unborn fetus) Many people in the scientific and medical community believe that stem cell research could very well be the answer to curing many genetic dissorders, among many of them allzyhmers and variouse other cancers and gene dissorders. HOWEVER!

the good pope advised Bush NOT to let this go on..since it is "infanticide" and morally wrong in a GOD loving country like the US of A! Now the republicans have one third of Catholic voters protesting the possible use of such medical research.

And the pope has a major influence in may hard core catholic's..SO..


*should red neck Eco disaster boy give in to the voices of religion (even though we are SUPOSE to live in a country divede between church and State)?" OR..

*should he help fund this potential DNA miracle that could possibly cure many age old genetic dissorders?

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i'm terrible about debating serious issues like this but i've read some things (horrible reading retention too, maybe that's why my debating skills suck) but i don't think the US goverment should prevent this research from going on within our borders. yeah, some of it's gross. like i read about this one couple who had some eggs fertilized and stored in case they wanted to have more kids, then decided two were enough, so they donated their fetuses to medical research. pretty cold sounding, huh? but i guess it's not for us to judge their decision, and to them it may have been a better use for their fetus than just putting it in the garbage.

i also read about a US scientist who already high tailed it to Britian to continue his research because of the restricitions and controversy in the US. so we lost a talented researcher to another country because he felt unsafe/unwelcome/ unappreciated here. that's just wrong. we glorify professional athletes because they have good hand-eye coordination and because genetics gave them strong bodies and aggressive dispositions but we run off the intellectuals? i don't get it.

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