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Originally posted by tp1128

Alright... now that the TP mix of Tell Me Who is available... what do you think? (in re: to our conversation from about a month ago)

I like it....its much much better than boris & rizzo's.....though it doesn't compare to their mix of Stranger(I might be askin too much)....but its a step in the right direction......Next Up Hex,JP......pleaze....lol....take care:D
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In spite of the fact that I'm such a fan of theirs, I am about the only person to not have been taken with their Stranger mix. The Hex one, however, blew me away. Buuuuuut... it seems like I'm in the minority there... any time I try to bring that up I am "brutally rebuffed." I do like this new one, though.

:cool: Josh :cool:

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