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EXIT ID's (Please Help!!!)

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yes im back after a phat week at exit!!! draper ripped it up and there was no hip-hop on the main floor...all draper all night!!! anyways i got some songs i hope u people know:

1. this is an easy one...whats the song that has a guy sayin...."why must i deal with this shit every fuckin day....." and then says another line and then the whole thing repeats itself...and this goes on for a while with the beat playin while the talkin is goin on???

2. what's the safri duo-played alive remix called???

3. There was a song real early in the night which he usually plays where there are school bells in the song where the beat starts off and then u hear like school bells/alarm clock goin off for a while and then the beat starts up again???

4. HELP ME!!! there was this song where a lady said "don't stop me nowwww.....dont stop me dont stop me dont stop me nowww...." and then the beat kicks in????

5. HARD ONE BUT PHAT SONG!!!! ok i really want this song or at least know it......its a robot's voice and it SOUNDS LIKE hes saying "to to night ight ight ight to to night ight ight ight" and during this part theres a drum beat in the background!!! in the buildup it SOUNDS LIKE the robot says to to night to to night to to night"....and in the endin parts of the song it has a kind of "tarantella" beat to it.... any ideas.....the first lyrics are my best description for this song!!! robot voice it SOUNDS LIKE THAT but i know it doesn't say that!!! thanks alot


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thanks those were it......does anybody have Plasmic Honey-"Sleeper" where that person yells "WHO ARE YOU" throughout the whole song??? i want that song damn it.....and does anybody know that FIFTH ID??? robot voice and phat ass song....help me!!!


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