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EXIT last night


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First off, Hi to all of you. I'm new here, but meeting some of you last night was awesome. I just wanted to say that EXIT last night was amazing!!! Draper and the Drum Guy were tearing the place up last night. The opening was insane, I was almost knocked off my feet. Thanks to all of the people who made it so great!! Millertime, DJMikee, and DonVito all make the experience so much better. Hope to see everybody else there again soon! Peace

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Originally posted by doubtness

how da hell did u meet those guys, and i didn't? :(

they're my friends from home. and i have them to thank for getting me to go to Exit. i've always like that kind of music, but now that i've been to Exit a couple times, everything has changed.

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yea i was ther till 8 draper was off the hook the meet was good im tell al of u becasue of all your post about draper sucking someone told him so he was prob like fuk those kids ill show them lol.even the show wit anthony lamont it was all about how we should love exit and be glad its here that was strange only a week after all those threads saying exit sux what do they have to say now....

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