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HEY YO - b2b / wombat

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I am actually just on the phone to Iberia now. I excepted their quote last week and I am still waiting for the payment people to call. So I am complaining as we speak, you would think when somebody has a cheque for $20,000 that they would be falling over themselves to take it off you!!

But no trying to give these people cash is like trying to get rid of Herpes.

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Originally posted by wombat

Yeah peeps, what he said.

Did you guys have a good time this weekend?

What type of activities did you take part?

A lot of people?

the weekend was good. the weather wasn't great, but it was quite comfortable. the rain held out, which was cool. lots of booze, good music, and plenty of laughs. played a bunch of whiffleball and got somewhat beligerent.

the neighbor caught pep smoking weed - ooops. hope they don't tell the 'rents.

kelly and leah blew us off - no call. whatever.

friday was mellow, most crashed out by 3, or so. the last of the partiers called it quits sometime around 7 sunday morning. i just hope we weren't too loud for the neighbors.:eek:

everyone asked about lindsay and you. you were missed, amigo.

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