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My Top 20!!!

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1. Fantasy - Capello

2. Samba-Dagio - Safri Duo

3. Gladiator - Draper

4. Pressure - Draper

5. Standing Still - Aubrey

6. Derb - Derb

7. Take Off - Don Diablo

8. Too Many Times - Kai Tracid (Yoda Mix)

9. Hide You on Flight 643 - Kosheen Vs. Tiesto

10. Let You Go - ATB (Vinyl Remix)

11. Keep Control - Sono (Xtended Mix)

12. Where Do I Go - Rob Girellini (Vocal Mix)

13. Rapture - Vaillo

14. Discoeuphoria - DJ Dero (Rollercoaster Mix)

15. Joyenergizer - Joy Kitikonti (Psico Mix)

16. Let Me Show You Lizard - Mauro Picotto Vs. Camisra

17. Tarentella - Capello

18. Played Alive Silence - Taikko Vs. Safri Duo

19. Fuck As Well As You Dance - DJ Yeori (Josh Collins Mix)

20. Final Chapter on O'Fortuna - Mike Malcuso Vs. ????

BTW- If anyone has number 20 (Final Chaper on O'Fortuna) I'd be very greatful if they could send it to me or send me an IM thanks


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