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Old Vocal Song ID, i can't make this easier..


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I found this on some old cd someone made for me. The song is house, not trance and i have no id who sings it.

It's a vocal, and here are the lyrics....

" I was building a palace in mind just for you and me

I made you the center of my world

though you couldn't see

I Thought we were together

*unclear* something forever

I can follow no further

till i get commitment from you...




can anyone ID this song, it's old (from a cd from end of 99' i think)

and are there any new mixes of this cheesy song?

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Originally posted by belladiva

mine too. u beat me by a sec. atip:tongue:

hey.. i just checked your profile cuz i thought you were someone i know.. anyway, i looked at your birthdate and you are only 24 days older than me..:tongue:

i thought that was funny.. well happy month belated b-day!!

where in jersey are you from???

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thanks!!! like older women??? hehe im in middletown you???

btw- it was weird b/c i was on the board...and than all of sudden i looked at the post...and yours was there but i had been posting my answer and my computer froze up so i had to reboot. than you beat me to it lol


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you know what's interesting about this song......i loved it when it first came out, so i ordered a bunch of copies for my store....and no one bought it......then, i noticed i had 10 copies lying around a couple of months ago, so i threw them out in my new release section and they all sold........

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I just love girls that know there music.. it drives me crazy!!!!!!

tranza. what up brotha!... hani vocal is called "the real me" - by svylia (sp??)

hanis old skool vocal mix

-bella hunny-

"iN tHiS wOrlD oF InDiFfeRenCE i ExPEctED So mUcH MoRE FrOm yOu,...... bUt tHe MoRe tHaT i LiSteN, thE LeSs I BeLIeVe iTs TrUe.

I'm NoT UnDeRsTaNdInG, aNd My HeARt Is DeMaNdInG. I cAnT FoLLoW No FuRtHeR uNtIl i GeT aN aNswEr FroM yOu. WhaT yOu wAnnA dO???????"

check ur pm's:rolleyes: :):D:cool:

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Bella- i manage the "dance 12" department" at a store in RI....if that's what you want to call it......some songs just dont go over big when they first come out, of course the kids over here usually dont have a clue, but.....i'll find some track from a couple years back that never got the attantion it deserved.....and i'll push it on everyone like it's the new big thing.....i'm in a good position over there, though.....i've been there 4 years, so my customers trust my opinion and pretty much buy whatever i say is hot......

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cool- I have a friend that goes to Providence. I work for an insurance company in central jersey and it sux but somebodys gotta do it!!! If you have any other tracks of lulu's , id like to hear em. Atip check your pms!!!! U kno ill be listening to that song for the next week lol :heart:


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