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Ok so Pop culture is in an 80's phase all the old new romantic band's making a come back etc. Rock music seems to get weaker by the year, with the established bands playing smaller and smaller venues.

Electronica (or the underground, trend setting portion) is somewhere between Progressive and Tech-house and IMO on it's way to Nu-School Breaks. Lot's of new house is becoming more ethnic, with a French, English, German, Italian, NY, Chicago sounds all being more defined. The gay black community (always the place to look for trends) moving towards Latin and ethnic rhythms.

And we don't appear to have a *new* counter culture coming through yet.

So -

a) Where is pop culture going.

B) Where is commercial electronic scene going (now Trance & hard(ish) house).

c) What will be the new underground?

d) When will Techno make it's (long overdue) come back?

c) Is there a new counter culture around the corner? If so what is it?

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I honestly think that with the rise of Electronic Music, and the current popularity of club drugs. Disco will come back once again, maybe in a new form (I know we already have disco house) but more of a trance house, or tech house... we will just wait and see, because only time will tell with this one....

I am rooting for Disco though, shake yo groove thang

:beatnik: :afro:

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