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I just got home from Spain about two weeks ago..I spent most of the time in Madrid..I went to two clubs..one was called Kapitol which is near subway stop Atocha..It was a nice set up..just a lot of stairs to walk up..I think it had like 5-7 floors..the other club I went to was called OHM..it was a gay club..not as cool as Kapitol..but we still had fun..while I was there..I also went to this other club..it was gay pride Spain..and it was just out side of Madrid at a place called Bang Bang..it was a really nice place also..as for dress..I would not suggest jeans or sneakers..and drinks were not overly expensive..I hope this helps.


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Kapital is the bomb when i was in barcelona,def check it out,also think about a weekend trip to IBIZA :)....I luv the music there I can't wait to go back....i'm still playing the Kapital CD....some bangin traxx on there......have a great time!:D

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Originally posted by trancerxn112

Anyone know of any hot clubs in Acalpoco?! im going there August 26th-Septemper 2nd

Acalpoco?? I've never heard of that place. If you mean Acapulco, that is not in Spain, that's in Mexico and there are quite a few big clubs there but none of them is hot enough for me. Sorry!

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