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ID these lyrics please

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I have most of the lyrics to this song, I just can't remember the title, or who it was by. This is kinda old school (late 80's, early 90's) so any help in tracking down this song would be sweet. I heard this the other night at a club and it reminded me how much I loved this song in high school. Anyway, here's the lyrics I remember:

~here's the hook~

Loving you is my intention (x4)

~first verse~

Been thinkin' bout the time,

When I went into that party,

Drunk on Bacardi,

Watchin' your body.

In a stance with the skintight pants,

In a trance as I watched you dance.

Tastes so sweet like a tooty fruity.

That big ass booty, she was a cutie.

Enough is enough,

I said I can't go on like this,

So I waved and you blew me a kiss.

So what's it gonna be, baby?

Are you gonna love me?

Cuz I ain't with it.

Either love me or forget it.

If it's a game quit it.

So what's it gonna be?

Love me or love me not.

Call the shot.


~ok, I'm pretty sure this next one is the third verse, I just can't remember the second~

Why don't we dine?

I'm sure you'll like my white wine,

It comes smooth, sweet, and fine.

My lucky number is 6, and I'm lookin for a 9.

Am I a player? Nah...

Let me be your dentist,

Open up and say, "ahhh"

You know what? Can I...

Touch you there, pull your hair.

Have no fear when I'm in the rear.

Here's a towel baby, dry that tear.

It won't be borin,

We'll do it til the morning.

When everyone is yawnin,

We'll be goin on and on and on...

Til the break of dawn.


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