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Please Answer Exit ID's!!


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ok somebody knows all of these....ok here we go...

1. the song where the girl comes on and says..." dont stop me nowwww!!! dont stop me dont stop me dont stop me nowww....and the bass kicks in....phat ass song???

2. another one is....in the middle of the song there is somebody whispering and they say...."you want me........you need me......and keep talkin for a while.......any ideas???

3. another one is Scott Finesse said its by PHANTOM!!! and i think he said its called "get up stand up" he said its mad old but i love it and its a phat song draper played.....anybody know what im talkin about???

4. Whats' tha fatboy slim-"What The Fuck" version that draper plays......i love that song!!!?????

5. ok and right after draper played his "your now listening to the sounds of dj tony draper....." and then that whole beat thing.....he played this HARD AND FAST beat two weeks in a row right after his intro....its only about two minutes long but its phat....anybody know????

EXIT was phat on friday....i only saw justin, capello, jess and a couple others but it was still a phat night.....he even broke out Macguyver-"Is Calling"!!! good shit...ok later all!!!

kyles:eek: :eek: :eek:

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yo i know its the chicago bulls theme....im TALKING ABOUT the song right after that...he played it two weeks in a row now....its a fast and hard beat....that he plays for about two to three minutes that gets the crowd going!!!! its a phat song too!!! thanks though


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