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corrupted files (again)

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i treid to burn that danny howells shite that i d/l from his site at home on my funkyfreshMACadocsious...

but Toast told me the file was corrupted, and won't let me burn an audio disk. does anyone know anything about this? anything i can do to prevent it, or uncorrupt it?

i bet i could burn the file at data, but i'd rather not for the obvious reasons...

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Originally posted by peeps

i got a pc here at work, and that's where i first d/l'

d corrupted files

so then i went home, and did it again, and - OHMAGA - corrupted files again...

i'm guessing it's just me then, eh?

COuld be the version of Unzip yuo are using. May the file is zipped with a newer version. Try downloading the lastest and greatest version.

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