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any clubs/raves to check out in Ocean City, MD?


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I know it's not going to be like an NYC party, but I still want to check out the Maryland scene.

So help me out, what is worth checking out? I am going to be there the 25th (Saturday) to a Tuesday. There are a bunch of clubs out in Ocean City, but some of them look mad cheezy.

I am looking for house/trance.. where I can dance with my stixx.. I'm cool with raves and clubs..

Thanks! :heart:

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if you're going to be there on the 25th, i might head down there just to show these rednecks the deal, kitty19 and eggmok reunited . . .

any place, none of which i can name except for secrets, that you break out the glowsticks will have everyone :eek: . . .

i might have to go, hehehe . . .

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Check out Rush on about 18th Street and Coastal Highway. Rush is in the Party Block along with the Paddock and the Big Kahuna.

Two weeks ago cover was $7 and they were spinning hard house and techno.

There is also the Life afterhours on 45th St., starts at 2 a.m. I've never been and it could be cheesy.

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sorry, but they put all of the afterhours parties on hiatus until at least November...apparently, the city didn't want to pay the police the overtime...therefore, go to Seacrets for dinner/happy-hour/pre-party, and Rush for any decent music left in the city...

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hey, thanks for the advice/opinions everyone! eggmok, i would have loved to see you down at Ocean City.. i'll have to catch you soon though.. ;)

wow, i didn't realize the best thing to do would be at that 3-in-1 club! that would have been the last thing i would have checked out.. good to know.. thanks!

i had a feeling that hurricane was a bit shady.. i would see commercials for the dj ("dj hurricane") and he definitely scared me away from that club.. ;)

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