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Tonight ! Deisel where you at????


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Originally posted by kimberlyco

Tommy got a job?????

David, where are we meeting?? When??

Yeh didn't Tommy get a place at a Gym? He was supposed to be moving downtown on Monday.

Meeting at mine, when ever your ready. I will try mailing Tommy and i am sure Wombat will be, in effect later. Actually it may be best to meet round his, i am thinking of parking for you drivers.

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Excellent!!! Do any of you know about the venue? I heard the area is a bit shady but it can't be any worse than some of the 'hoods we've gone to raves in right?

B2B you gonna 'member me?:D

Glad to hear you guys will be out! Can't wait. Was much smarter this week (than last) I'm taking tomorrow OFF!

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Originally posted by kimberlyco

Yes it has! We are ALL going tonight, besides bouncy

I don't know. Now Bouncy is thinking of going. I have to see Tommy before the weekend, so hopefully I can make it.

Kim make sure you call me, I might need a ride if I decide to go, if that's alright.

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