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ohmahgoodness, did you know that . . .


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Man squarepusher is a mad man!! I have loads of respect for the guy, but i wouldn't go to the show. My freind went in London and he said it was a gig you just couldn't dance to.. you just stood there, with 2 minute breaks of danceable stuff... people would start dancing then he would just throw out a minute of random samples.

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Originally posted by scratchapella


(ouch, my head hurts. . . why is there sooo much going on this weekend?)

yeah, i knew that...I was actually a little more into Plaid, but I think I'm going to pass

I think squarepusher is in Chicago about 3 times a year. I know they were here earlier this summer for the "festival of noise" (probably wrong name) that went on for a week or two mainly at the metro but with some other venues too.

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I hope you see this before tonight:

I got this from the Smart Bar's mailing list

Due to illness, Squarepusher will NOT be performing. Tickets are now only $12. If you already have a ticket and want to attend the show, you will receive a $3 refund upon entering Metro. If you do NOT wish to attend the show, you may receive a full refund at your point of purchase. Thank you for your understanding.

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