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Originally posted by Pete9018

in for the weekend from nyc...waiting for someone to tell me whats up...have plans for white star, any other suggestions??? does anyone have a guestlist or any connections for either white star or rive gauche?? good lookin'...one.


That depends what you're looking for and what days you're planning on being here.

Are you looking for a see-and-be-seen place? Hot girls with fake tits? With crappy music or good music. if music, what type of music?

Based on your two examples I'm guessing see-and-be-seen, if I'm wrong post back. Also if you're looking for a saturday place post that too.


Whitestar-I can't find their website-and I know they have one b/c I've seen it before...I really don't recommend this place at all. Granted I-and most everyone on this board-aren't see and be seen types, but we'd never go to this place even our "dress to impress" nights. If you an internet search on white star, you'll notice that almost all reviews are negative...this isn't an accident. the place has no redeeming values other than eye candy.

Rive - go to the the website www.rivegauchenightclub.com and go to guestlist to get in free before midnite. Rive has stiff drinks and great service.

You also might like Circus www.circusnightclub.com and Nocturnal. www.clubnocturnal.com. Both have links to guestlists on their homepages. They also have attractive crowds.

This is Zentra's www.zentranightclub.com 2nd year anniversary this weekend and the music (on the second floor at least) is generally ok. It also attracts its share of the beautiful people crowd who generally hand out on the first floor. Most of the people on this board are going to zentra tomorrow. Zentra's free, but it helps to be on the guestlist so e-mail zentranightclub@aol.com. ASAP.

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