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New Myplay Thread


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Whats up everyone,

I needed to start a new thread because the old one is on its last page of posts. Please use this thread for all future myplay comments.

Just to clear some things up to all the members and everyone on the board. There are currently two myplay lockers. Locker 1 has 12 members and Locker 2 has 15 members.

I have no control over which locker has more tracks up there or who is in whos locker. I put everyone in according to the order that I was contacted. I may even start a third locker as I get requests every day. Regarding the amount of tracks, its all up to the people in the locker to upload, but I will usually transfer songs from one to another and vice versa. Right now Locker one has 170 trax and Locker 2 has 31 trax [low due to some recent deletions].

If you have any specific questions, please pm me or read the old Myplay thread for instructions on everything. If you want to get in a locker, pm me too, and please include your email address. Thanx!!!

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Originally posted by trancerxn112

if possible id like to check out the first locker... :eek:

Hey man, I'd love to let you peek but I can't. If I start letting people in both lockers, the amount of traffic will cause myplay to shut it down. Already lost one locker in the beginning of last month doing that.

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Ok, I finally got the third locker running. Added 9 members to it tonight. Hope everyone likes it. I'd like to see that locker explode with some new jams from the new members. Dont forget to edit tracks and sign out everytime you visit the locker. Thanx!

Also filled some requests for our friend [petedrags] in locker 2. Enjoy!

Locker 1

177 Trax

Locker 2

46 Trax

Locker 3

21 Trax

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Originally posted by pangelid


I just upped the full mixes to Tarantella, Lets Bounce and Luz Divina - Into You to ALL 3 Lockers. Hurry up and DL them.

DO NOT ask me where I got them!

They are not in locker 1? Please, Hook me up with the other locker passwords if locker 1 is no good.

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Originally posted by vadimdrip

ok i have a huge problem with myplay

i only see 24 songs

i uploaded 1 song that i made


Members: Please DO NOT post locker details to the CP board. Please use email.

Vadim: That is not a huge problem. That is how many songs that are in that particular locker. There are 3 lockers up right now. Since locker 3 is new, there are barely any songs in it. Its up to the locker members to up and share. Login/Password has been changed. Sorry everyone. Will send out new details after work. Thanx!

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Locker Members. I just got settled in at college over here at Virginia Tech but I dont have an internet connection quite yet.

As of right now, Locker 3 is down and I won't be able to up to the other lockers for a few days. Please carry on with out me. I will have a huge update as soon as I get back online. Thanx!!

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