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Anyone know of any websites where I can get percocets?

I get bad migraines and a freind gave me one and it worked much better than my normal meds. I asked my doc about them but he will not give them to me because they are addictive. :( So any info would be well appreciated.

Also..if anyone one this board gets bad maigraines and knows some other meds that help let me know. I now take Imitrex.


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I have horrible migraines. So bad the left side of my body goes numb and I start speaking jibberish. It is so frightening. I usually just end up going to the hospital and getting a shot of demerol. I am allergic to immitrex so I can't take that. Vicodin shouldnt' be prescribed for migraines it doesn't work as well as some of the others. There is a shot you can self administer at home that works instantly. I would find a new doc and talk about your options. There are a lot of them. Good luck!

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