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OK-this may sound stupid but I dont go to Exit, Im usually down the shore on the weekends, and this weekend I picked up Jonathan Peters Live at Factory part3 and the third song on it is called "Opportuna-End of time" by mike Kaos. It has the song from the Debeers commercial in it so I was just wondering is this the "Diamonds" song that you all talk about? Just wondering, its a pretty good track..

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Originally posted by 500db


and all i found(audiogalxy, winmx) was--- mike kaos -ofortuna >> mix of the original o fortuna ……couldn't find opportuna!:D :D

not really a quote...

but my EAW FR159z mains w/ my EAW FR250z subs hit at about 120db...

although they can peak at around 133db

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Thanks to all who replied....Ive gotten a few PM's from people who want me to send this to them-but I dont know how! I know, Im computer stupid, If someone could help me out, I would have no problem sending it out! Thanks!

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i have the same cd. the song is ofortuna-end of time...what's this opportuna shit? maybe it's a typo on your cd case, cuz that guy in seaside that sells the cd's does make alot of typos on his cd's. it's not diamonds, cuz i know that song. i dont remember hearing any sample or elements form diamonds in that song on the cd, but maybe i missed it. its def not diamonds at all though, so everyone chill out before u go on a nationwide manhunt to find this cd. ill post the tracklisting tomorrow or something, but i dont have the cd case with me right now.

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