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Say goodbye to MOONIE!!!!!


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Our infamous baby girl DjMoonshine is leaving us to step foot into the inevitable world we call "real" lolz, she's leaving to college today and although I know I wont see her anymore :r until she comes back:: Im gonna miss her like mad!!! So pleaaseee drop her a line to sooth that fear that we all get when trying something new...........

::iwannasneakinyourdormandmakesweetlovetoyou:: lmao

~^.^~ ck


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Guest gabo

She was real cool, and fun to talk to. Too bad I didnt get to know her earlier.Her and cmb are the ones who convinced me to get aim, now that moonie is gone there goes half of my buddie list. lol

good luck moonie...

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Guest xfactor834

Let's not talk in the past tense when we talk about Jess.

She's an angel, and the 'real' world is a better place with her beautiful soul in it.

Love you cutie.

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guys..... i needed that... seriously...

d.. i love you more then anything... for someone who i've only seen 4 times i can say youre one of my best friends... :)

college so far has been everything i expected plus a lot more.. this is def. where i need to be right now, but of course ill still be on the boards and on the screen name so everyone say hi!!!

love you all ~ moonie:heart:

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